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Okay, so hippos don’t make the best pets. They are big. They are aggressive. They are hungry. Only a few hippos have successfully made the transition from wild, dangerous animal to approachable zoo resident. But what about pygmy hippos? They are small and cute and seem more like little pigs than their larger cousins. Just […]

Hippo Halloween!

The Milwaukee County Zoo will soon have a new hippo exhibit featuring a large, glassed-in aquarium that is expected to cost up to $12 million, completely funded by the Dohmen Family Foundation. Zoogoers will be able to watch hippos swimming from just inches away in the new underwater viewing exhibit. The current exhibit houses two […]

I love the hippo in this video. I had no idea hippos would roll upside down in the water!

So for some reason this guy named Brady Barr, who has his own show on the National Geographic Channel, decides to dress up like a hippo and infiltrate a herd of same in order to swipe some sweat off their bodies, all in the name of research. Apparently scientists are interested in analyzing hippo sweat […]