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My son finds this falling-down hysterical. What can I say, he’s 5.

I don’t even have anything to say about this:

Hippos aren’t the only ones to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa. Check out this National Geographic video of fish grooming a hippo in Kenya.

I blogged about Monifa, the new baby pygmy hippo at the Taronga Zoo in Australia, back in December. Now I’ve found a video of her at 8 weeks of age, learning to swim. She’s so cute!

Wow, what a cute little pygmy hippo! Check out this video where he dances around the Basel Zoo in Switzerland.

If you pay attention at all to news of the hippo world, you have certainly heard of Jessica the pet hippo. Found washed up as a baby by a South African family over 7 years ago, Jessica has been fed and pampered ever since. She is even allowed into the house and can open the […]

Hippos and crocodiles are death walking to humans (or should I say death stomping and slithering?), but neither of these ferocious creatures seems to mind the other, at least in this video: Here the crocodiles carry on with whatever crocs do in their little croc world, completely ignoring the nosy, licking, salivating hippos. How ’bout […]