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Keep a grinning hippo pet on your computer monitor – he’ll keep you company all day long and even offer advice on your daily work. Great for family and home computers to please the kids and also fun to brighten your work day. The Screen Petz friends are plush animal characters that wrap around your […]

This musical hippo pull toy will send your baby right to sleep with its tinkly sound. For safety, place him on a nearby nightstand, not in the crib itself. Made of soft cotton and plush fabric, he is soft and charming. Best of all, he’s on sale! Snag him here.

Organic foods and products are becoming ever more popular and are entering the mainstream consciousness. Leading the charge are mothers of young children, motivated by concern about quantities of chemicals entering those small bodies. Hippo Mojo shares these concerns. We are searching for baby safe toys and products and are delighted to announce the arrival […]

The adorable hippos we ordered from Nosey Nest arrived today! They are the cutest hippos you have ever seen, with pale blue fur, button eyes, fabric ears, and colorful trousers. They are priced at $85. Keep in mind that these hippos are hand-made by the talented artisans of Nosey Nest all the way across the […]

Our new line of hippos has been shipped! They are coming to us all the way from the Netherlands, where they are handmade by toy-making company Nosey Nest. Here’s a cute shot of them in the box, getting ready for their long journey to the U.S. Hope they don’t get bored on their way over!

Hippo Mojo is happy to announce a partnership with Nosey Nest, a fun toy-making company from the Netherlands. See their website at We have ordered 6 Henri Hippos and are excited to welcome them into our store. The hippos are all hand made, with an exacting attention to detail, and are cute as a […]

Of all the search terms people type into their search engine when looking for hippos, it seems that “stuffed hippo” tops the list, followed closely by “plush hippo.” With this in mind, Hippo Mojo is expanding our line of stuffed and plush hippos. We started out with the lovable Harpo the Hippo. He’s a soft […]