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I’ve posted this song before, but this video has a very cute animation done by a 13-year-old named Chad Hylton. If you like Chad’s work, check out his YouTube channel at Good work, Chad! Let’s see some more hippo stuff!

Last year’s singing and dancing hippos were such a success that this year we ordered more of them AND because we love our customers so much, we ordered a second kind!!! Yes, that’s right, now you can choose from TWO different kinds of singing and dancing hippos! Here’s a pic of the new gal in […]

The Singing & Dancing Christmas Hippo is back in stock and ready for purchase! This is a very popular holiday item that will be appreciated even by non-hippo lovers! This hippo girl wears a silly Santa suit and twirls around singing a clip from the song, “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas.” If you aren’t […]