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Does anyone send Thanksgiving cards? Is there such a thing as a Thanksgiving card? I myself have never sent one and I feel absolutely sure that I never will. For one thing, I’m a slacker and sending cards is just way too much work. For another thing, anyone I care to see at Thanksgiving I […]

A portly brown hippo asks for your love and kisses as he poses under the mistletoe. He wears a red ribbon around his neck – he’s a perfect gift! Is it a hippo or a reindeer? It’s hard to tell with our hippdeer, a slightly confused looking hippo with antlers. Hippos like holidays too, and […]

I spent a busy January and early February designing some new notecards for Hippo Mojo. Most of these use 19th century copyright free illustrations for their cover art. Hope you like them! These are all professionally printed on heavy coated cover stock with uncoated blank insides so you can easily write a message. Except for […]