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Once upon a time, hippos used to love to eat fish. They waded into the river and ate perch, carp, sunfish, and catfish. The hippos loved to eat fish and they loved the water so much that they asked God if they could live partially in water. God agreed but made them promise to give […]

A Nigerian folktale explains something I’ve always wondered about: why the hippo lives in water. It goes like this: Long ago, the hippo ruled the land, second only to the elephant. The hippo king, Isantim, had seven wives. On occasion, he would give a big feast for the creatures of the land. But the hippo […]

You might think that hippos have always been herbivores. So you might be surprised to know that once upon a time, hippos ate meat. They were particularly fond of fish, impala, and egret. One day, the king of the hippos got some meat stuck in his teeth. He shook his head but he couldn’t dislodge […]