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A hand carved and colorfully painted soapstone hippo makes a fun gift item for any hippo fan on your gift-giving list. He is cool and smooth to the touch and will happily keep you company at your desk or will bring a smile to your face each time you pass his display shelf. Hand carved […]

It’s a running joke in our family that my grasp of world geography is tenuous at best. Although I certainly know where South America is (duh, it’s just below North America), I’m not sure I could name very many of its countries. However, I have heard of Peru, mostly because I studied Art History in […]

Wow, we just got in a shipment of the cutest hippos wearing orange striped overalls! They come in a set of four and are made of ceramic. At only 3″ high, they might like to hang out beside your computer to keep you company. Or stick them in a potted plant for a touch of […]

An assortment of found objects such as an Altoid tin, a tea strainer, vintage wood blocks and various hardware are combined to create a charming one-of-a-kind hippo figurine to hang from a special place in your home or office. The mint tin opens up to reveal a three-dimensional snowy scene complete with a blue sparkly […]

Three smooth soapstone hippos come packed in a wooden crate stuffed with crinkly paper. Hand carved in Western Kenya, these stylized hippos come in beautiful colors with African design motifs across their broad backs and sides. A Crate of Hippos make quick and easy gifts for family, friends, and co-workers. Each crate is packaged in […]

We are happy to welcome a selection of new hippos to the pod! Animal magnetism is present throughout the animal kingdom, so why not throughout your home or work, too – at least wherever there is metal for these magnetic sculptures to grab onto. Hippopotamus head is remarkably detailed in stone resin. (Buy now…) Our […]