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Our handmade ceramic pencil cup is not only a beautiful gift – it’s practical, too! Of course you could keep pencils in it, but why not think bigger? Toothbrushes, kitchen tools, or crafty items like paintbrushes or scissors would fit handily inside this hippo cup. Handmade in Kenya of clay and paint. Measures 3″ in […]

Can’t bear to be parted from your treasured hippo friends? Carry one with you all the time with our adorable soapstone hippopotamus key chain with one glass bead and one bone bead. Handmade in Kenya, this little guy will cheer your day from door to door. Buy yours here.

Crafted from a mixture of brass and zinc, our South African hippo brass key rings brings a familiar African safari character to one’s pocket or handbag. Created by an amazing group of artisans in South Africa that specializes in molding metal into a variety of African animal and symbol shapes. The progressive workshop provides fair […]

Just got in a couple of these darling little dishes. They whimsical dishes are hand carved by Gusii artisans in western Kenya and hand painted with non-toxic dye by Nairobi artists. Distinguished by their unique curled shape, each dish features a stylized hippo. They are fair trade produced and imported from Africa. The importer calls […]

You can never have too many notebooks! With handmade paper pages and a decorative cover, this is a fun one to keep on hand for quick notes or shopping lists. At 5×7″ and a slim profile, it will fit easily into your pocketbook or briefcase. The cover is dyed periwinkle blue and features a stone […]

Hand Carved Peruvian Hippopotamus Gourd Trinket Box – wow, that’s a mouthful! Well, not for a hippo, because they can open their mouths really wide. Anyway, these gourd boxes sold out so quickly last time I got them in that I never had time to talk about them here. Yes, they are that popular. Need […]

This wooden hand painted mobile features seven hippos. Each hippo measures approx 3 inches. The mobile is approximately 20 inches from the disk to the lowest piece. The mobile is hand made and hand painted by artisans in Bali and imported to the U.S. from a fair trade company, ensuring fairness and respect for village […]

This wooden hand painted wind chime features a mother and her calf. The large hippo measures approximately 4 inches. The chime is approximately 14 inches from the top to the lowest piece. The wind chime is hand made and hand painted by artisans in Bali and imported to the U.S. from a fair trade company, […]

The painted wood hippo hooks are great fun decorative pieces, perfect for a child’s room or even a guest bedroom. Hang one in your kitchen and toss a hand towel on it. Put one inside your hall closet to hang a purse, umbrella, or jacket on so you’ll always get a smile each time you […]

When I think of the need to plug things up, the first thing I think of is a big old hippo butt. Big old hippo butts can plug up just about anything and they are especially good at plugging up wine bottles. Unless you are the kind of person who drinks an entire bottle in […]