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This darling ballerina hippo stretches her arms in exuberance as she leaps into the air, her blue tulle skirt flaring around her. She makes a delightful gift for dancers or hippo collectors. Get her here!

Here is a delightfully silly hippo decorated in colorful paisley with a fluffy pink feathered boa wrapped around her neck. She wears blue dancing shoes and is overall a charming and whimsical piece. * Measures 4 1/2″ x 3″ x 2-1/2″ * Crafted of glass * Created by December Diamonds If you really need another […]

Horace the Hippo will be a fanciful addition to your holiday tree or hippopotamus ornament collection. He is from American designer Abigail Pfeffer from her exclusive collection at Tannenbaum Treasures. Horace is a handcrafted glass ornament, mouth blown and hand painted by European craftsmen. Horace measures about 5″ high and comes individually boxed, ready for […]

Hang our quizzical beaded hippo ornament from your holiday tree this year! Made from sequins and glass beads on satin, this sweet hippo is finished with silver cording and measures approximately 3” wide. Each is handmade by a talented self-help group of low-income, fair trade artisans in Agra, India, using traditional Zardozi embroidery techniques. This […]

A portly brown hippo asks for your love and kisses as he poses under the mistletoe. He wears a red ribbon around his neck – he’s a perfect gift! Is it a hippo or a reindeer? It’s hard to tell with our hippdeer, a slightly confused looking hippo with antlers. Hippos like holidays too, and […]

This is, by far, the cutest hippo ornament I’ve seen in a long time. This silly gal has a fluffy green tutu decorated with roses and wears ballet shoes on all four feet! Every hippo lover will adore this ornament and look forward to unpacking it every year for the holiday season. The Ballerina Hippo […]

A few new hippo ornaments arrived at our warehouse over the weekend. They are made by Pilgrim Imports, a fair trade importer. All are of gleaming metal: silver, copper, and gold in color and decorated with glass beads, rivets, and swirls. Our hippo ornaments make wonderful holiday gifts for friends, family, and coworkers, and can […]

The Singing & Dancing Christmas Hippo is back in stock and ready for purchase! This is a very popular holiday item that will be appreciated even by non-hippo lovers! This hippo girl wears a silly Santa suit and twirls around singing a clip from the song, “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas.” If you aren’t […]

We are so pleased to announce that we will now be carrying the hippo ornament from Bert Anderson’s collection of amazing sculptures. This cute hippo friend has dangly legs and a sweet, happy face and is a must have for any tree. Buy yours here. While we will only be carrying the hippo ornaments (duh! […]

We’ve blogged about chocolate hippos before but here’s an offer for all you hippo enthusiasts who live in the states. Baker Candies of Ohio has partnered with David Spotts to create chocolate hippos for Christmas. They are seven ounces of pure milk chocolate in the form of a hippo. And the best part is that […]