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From Kinder Chocolates comes an outrageous happy hippo cocoa biscuit bar with a cookie-wafer base topped with a thick layer of lush milk cream and cocoa cream. A sprinkling of meringue chips covers the bottom and sides of this tasty confection. The Kinder Happy Hippo Cocoa Cream Biscuit Bar makes for a delicious confectionery treat […]

We’ve blogged about chocolate hippos before but here’s an offer for all you hippo enthusiasts who live in the states. Baker Candies of Ohio has partnered with David Spotts to create chocolate hippos for Christmas. They are seven ounces of pure milk chocolate in the form of a hippo. And the best part is that […]

One thing we don’t carry here at Hippo Mojo is chocolate. That’s not because we don’t like it! On the contrary, we LOVE chocolate. The more, the better. But it’s just not practical to ship it anywhere. And besides, we would probably eat up all the inventory before we had a chance to ship it. […]