Stuffies on my Mind

Of all the search terms people type into their search engine when looking for hippos, it seems that “stuffed hippo” tops the list, followed closely by “plush hippo.” With this in mind, Hippo Mojo is expanding our line of stuffed and plush hippos. We started out with the lovable Harpo the Hippo. He’s a soft terry cloth guy. Harpo the Hippo

Then we found the microwaveable wheat and lavender-filled hippos that you can heat up and snuggle with. We got them in four colors: beige, purple, pink, and gray. So far they have been a big hit!Microwaveable Wheat & Lavender Filled Hippo

Next, we’ll looking into carrying some handmade hippos by a toymaker in the Netherlands. In the meantime, tell us what you like about stuffies!