No Chocolate For Hippo Mojo

One thing we don’t carry here at Hippo Mojo is chocolate. That’s not because we don’t like it! On the contrary, we LOVE chocolate. The more, the better. But it’s just not practical to ship it anywhere. And besides, we would probably eat up all the inventory before we had a chance to ship it. Then if someone ordered some, we would have to substitute some other kind of food item, like maybe an apple or something.

But lucky you if you live in the UK. Because there you can order chocolate hippos to your heart’s content. Theobroma Chocolates sell hippos!

Chocolate Hippos from Theobroma

Chocolate Hippos from Theobroma

Or you could do what I do: visit your local chocolate confectionery and ask them to make you a hippo. If they have a mold, they will probably make you one. Mine makes me chocolate hippos regularly. Usually I eat them before I even get them home but you don’t need to know that.

Now, if anyone wants to send us chocolate, we would be happy to receive it. Don’t forget: chocolate is a bean and beans are vegetables, therefore chocolate is a vegetable. I tell myself this every day.

Many thanks to Theobroma for permission to use a photo of their chocolate hippos.