New Baby Pygmy Hippo at the Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami has a newborn pygmy hippo, a girl, the size of a football and weighing about 12 pounds, and the first born in over 20 years. This baby girl is the eleventh born at the zoo. Her doting parents are 18-year-old Kelsey and 11-year-old Pogo. Mama Kelsey is relieved to have given birth after her 6 to 7 month pregnancy.

Mama and Papa want to name their daughter “Pudgekins” but zoo officials have decided to ignore their wishes and ask the public to name the baby in a contest this week. The winner will view the baby and her parents in a private, behind-the-scenes meeting, although Kelsey and Pogo have not promised to be polite.

Zoo Miami Baby Hippo

Zoo Miami Baby Hippo

From the CBS4 website:

“We are extremely excited about this birth because this is a very rare animal in the wild and it has been over 20 years since we have had a pygmy hippo born at the zoo,” said Ron Magill, communications and media director. “It is testimony that the zoo is doing all of the right things in order to make this normally shy animal comfortable enough to reproduce successfully and to be a great mother.”

Zoo officials said the baby will remain off exhibit with its mother for the next several days to allow the mother and baby to bond and ensure the infant develops a strong foundation without extra external stress. Magill said after they determine she is stable she will be on exhibit.