Mounted Hippo Up For Auction

Just in case you have room in your home for a stuffed hippopotamus, read this story.

This Friday, April 17 & Saturday April 18, 2009, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Ft. Worth, Texas, you can buy your very own stuffed hippo. I’m not talking some cute little stuffed animal that you can prop on the pillow beside you in bed. No, I’m talkin’ bout a real hippo head mounted on your very own wall in your very own house. That’s right, one of the items up for auction at the World Class Big Game Trophy Mount & Western Auction is a taxidermy marvel: a mounted hippopotamus.

John Brommel, organizer of the sale at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, said the hippo is one of 700 taxidermy mounts to be auctioned at the yearly sale. “It’s huge — one monstrosity of a piece,” Brommel said of the hippopotamus. “It probably weighs 700 pounds.”

The items come from the estates of several big-game hunters and the collections of two natural history museums and include a pair of 6-foot elephant tusks, a polar bear, grizzly bears, black bears, and a 15 1/2 foot marlin. Hundreds of small game animals are also available, such as badger, coyote, Arctic fox, cougar, beaver, and raccoon.

Now, is it just me or is it a little creepy to shoot animals for fun and then hang their stuffed bodies up on the wall? I’m not a rabid environmentalist or anything (well, I’m pretty sure I’m not rabid), but really. Ick. You wouldn’t do that to your grandmother, would you? Then why do it to an animal?

I can understand harvesting tusks from an animal that’s already dead, but let’s not go shooting things that we aren’t going to eat, especially hippos. And another point. How is it sporting to SHOOT A HIPPO? It’s not like they run away!!! They just float there in the water. It’s literally like shooting fish in a barrel. Not really something to brag about to your friends back home. “Dude, I shot a hippo out of a crowd of 30 of them. I snuck up on it in my Jeep and then got it, BAM, right between the eyes.”

I think it should be a law that if you want a stuffed and mounted hippo, you should have to kill it with your bare hands. Now THAT would be something to brag about.