Momma Nanda Gives Birth at Indian Zoo

Momma Nanda Hippo and Baby

Momma Hippo Nanda and Baby

From The Times of India, an announcement of the birth of a new hippo.

Indore zoo gets another member

Kundan Pandey, TNN Sep 1, 2011, 08.44am IST

INDORE: Indoreans will get to see more pachyderms-hippopotamus– with the birth of a calf in the Kamla Nehru Zoo in Indore on Wednesday. A 10-year-old hippopotamus, Nanda, gave birth to the calf. The gender of the newborn will be known only after a few days when the mother allows us to go near the calf, said Dr Uttam Yadav, zoo in-charge. With the birth of the hippo, the number of pachyderm in the zoo has gone up to four. The calf which was born at around 9 am has become a centre of attraction for visitors. The child hippo was seen with its mother the entire day.

Learning a lesson from the past, the zoo authorities are extra careful about the security of the newborn, Dr Yadav said, adding that a calf was trampled to death a year ago by Nanda. This time the officials are keeping a constant watch to avoid any such incident. “Though, the hippo was seen crushing the newborn, we could not take away the newborn from the mother,” he recalled.

A tiger, which was brought recently from the Aurangabad zoo, died due to the alleged negligence of the zoo officials within the fortnight of its arrival. Therefore, the zoo officials are leaving nothing to chance. They have enlisted the measures to ensure safety of the newborn.

Dr Yadav said, “Two guards have been deployed there to keep a vigil on the activities of mother and the calf. We are also trying to keep the newborn inside water for longer period.”

Apart from this, the zoo authorities are also taking care of animal’s health, he said, adding, “We are providing them all supplements and nutrients.” About the mother hippo, the zoo official said the animal and a male hippo, Chunnu, were brought from Lucknow five years ago. Apart from the two, the zoo has one more hippo, Vishnu.