Millionaire Entrepreneur Greg Carr Saves Hippos at Gorongosa National Park

You’ve probably never heard the name Greg Carr, unless you happened to tune in to the 60 Minutes episode that aired on October 27, 2008. Carr, the multi-millionaire entrepreneur who invented Voicemail, is on a quest to save hippos (and other animals) at Gorongosa National Park. His non-profit organization, the Gregory C. Carr Foundation, is partnering with the government of Mozambique to repopulate the 1500-square miles of Gorongosa with hippos, zebras, lions, elephants, and wildebeest.

Mozambique, on the east coast of southern Africa along the Indian ocean, was torn apart first by a war of independence from Portugal and then by a 16-year-long civil war, leaving the country in ruins and the animals poached almost to extinction. In the 1960’s, there were around 3,000 hippos. Now, almost all are gone. The human population has suffered, as well, with close to 900,000 dead in the fighting and more dying every day from malaria and HIV.

See the 60 Minutes episode about Greg’s work:

If you’d like to save hippos, please visit Greg Carr’s foundation website at or Gorongosa’s site at

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