Jessica the Pet Hippo

If you pay attention at all to news of the hippo world, you have certainly heard of Jessica the pet hippo. Found washed up as a baby by a South African family over 7 years ago, Jessica has been fed and pampered ever since. She is even allowed into the house and can open the door herself! I’m totally down with having a pet hippo but I’m not sure I’d want it in the house – what about that spraying poop? It’s bad enough to clean my cats’ litter boxes – I wouldn’t want to wipe up a plume of poop all over my walls. Anyway, here’s the video. You can make up your own mind about keeping a hippo as a pet.


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  1. kiara says:

    omg! i want my own pet hippo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am totally obsessed with hippos! i have a collection of hipppos, toys, cards, magnets, ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIPPOPOTAMUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was so excited when i found hippo mojo because its a site all about hippos!!!!
    do you have a forum? i want to speak to people as obsessed as me, to prove my friends that im not crazy and there are other people out there like me xoxoxoxox