Hungry Hungry Hippos Cartoon

Someone sent me this cartoon as an email attachment. I never had this game as a child but my son enjoys it very much! For the one or two of you who have never seen it, the four hippos sit facing each other and try to snatch marbles into their mouths. It’s great fun for the younger set.

Hungry Hungry Hippos Cartoon

Hungry Hungry Hippos Cartoon

(If anyone knows who holds the copyright on this cartoon, please let me know!)

Here is a commercial for the game, for the one or two of you who have never been annoyed by your kids playing this incessantly:

And for those extreme fanatics:


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  2. Pam says:

    I found a name and artist for your “Hungry Hungry Hippos” comic if still interested:

    Title: BREVITY
    Artist: GUY & RODD

    Link to where I found it:

    Link to Brevity Site:

    (couldn’t find the actual comic on his site but you may have better luck.)

    Hope this helps!