Hippo Sweat

So for some reason this guy named Brady Barr, who has his own show on the National Geographic Channel, decides to dress up like a hippo and infiltrate a herd of same in order to swipe some sweat off their bodies, all in the name of research. Apparently scientists are interested in analyzing hippo sweat for its cancer-fighting and sun-protecting properties. Also apparently, no one has been able to obtain hippo sweat from any of the hippos in captivity in our national zoos so they called in an expert. Brady Barr is a herpetologist, which I guess makes him uniquely qualified to steal hippo sweat, although I’m not quite sure how, since herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. But whatever.

So he builds this elaborate case that really does look like a hippo, at least to me. He gets inside and plonks himself down near a river where wild hippos are hanging out. A male hippo roars at him. Inside the hippo, Barr is feeling tense as he can’t see outside without his video monitors. He also is feeling rather sick, as he has coated the entire outside of his hippo costume with real, live hippo dung. He starts gagging and dry heaving inside the costume and I think he may have actually vomited. It was hilarious. I don’t think he ever even got any hippo sweat, but it sure made for an entertaining show. See the video for yourself below.