Hippo Pouches and Bags by Bungle Bear

We just got in a charming collection of pouches, totes, and keychains in black and white graphic hippo patterns made by Bungle Bear Designs. The totes are the perfect size for carrying your knitting, library books, or other projects. You can stuff your mail into a tote and open it while attending your child’s soccer game. The pouches come in various sizes and are all lined with a contrasting checked fabric and have a zipper enclosure to keep those small items in place. I use these small pouches in my purse for loose items like makeup, pens, tissues, etc. Then when I switch purses, I just pull out my pouches and plunk them into the new purse – easy and quick! The uses for these pouches are endless. You can keep jewelry in them for travel, or fill them with makeup or first aid items for the car, or use them to store and organize small craft items or office supplies.
Hippo Pouches by Bungle Bear
Are you the kind of person who loses keys? With these hippo print key fobs, you will never lose your keys again! The sturdy cotton hippo fabric opens up to slide over your hand, becoming a key chain bracelet! Never fumble in your purse for keys again!

Look for these items to be posted to the Hippo Mojo shop very soon.