Hippo Mojo Gets a New Look for the New Year

A few posts back we told you about our new logo–that we are still fantastically, overwhelmingly, head over heels in love with–and well, once we got the new logo in place, the rest of the site seemed kind of shabby, and not shabby chic shabby, just SHABBY. So, we dusted off our long dormant CSS and HTML skills and put them to work customizing a new template.

Then the blog didn’t match so we had to find and customize a new WordPress theme to go along with the store site. Along the way we lost the Gallery subdomain that I don’t think anyone ever visited and with good reason because it looked just awful and then we eliminated the forums for good measure. Well, technically the forum is still there but the link to it is gone but you won’t miss it because you never visited there anyway.

So now we are lean and mean for the new year.

I wish I could say the same for my waistline.

I hope you like the new look. Please email us with feedback or leave a comment below if you have any suggestions, compliments or criticism about the new design. And, as always, happy hippo shopping!