Hippo Dies During Castration

Weird. There is a cute little cat running around outside my house with the biggest set of nuggets you’ve ever seen. I’ve been trying to catch him so I can spirit him off to the vet for a much needed neutering. Then I read an article about a hippo who just had an unsuccessful castration.

Named Lieber, the five-year-old hippo lived in a crowded Israeli zoo where efforts were being made to control population growth. Tragically, Lieber’s heart stopped after his second dose of anesthetic. Lieber was one of 40 hippos, one of the largest captive herds in the world, according to zoo spokespeople. Aggressive males are typically castrated to keep them sweet and agreeable.

Below, two videos about the incident:

Hippos are known to react unpredictably to anesthesia. Luckily for me, cats do not. So watch out, little orange kitty – I’m coming for you!