Fighting the Good Fight: Hippos Vs. Spambots

Holy Hippos! Obviously, we here at Hippo Mojo have had our big heads and bulgy eyes submerged under cool water for far too long. Yesterday a yucky email from a bad person prompted us to roar out of the river and stomp up the riverbank to fight off our enemies. No, not crocodiles, something far worse: spammers! That’s right, my fellow hippopotami, evil spambots crawled up out of the primordial ooze they subsist in and mounted a serious offensive on Hippo Mojo’s forum. We were shocked to find 6,500 users and over 2,000 messages, none of which had anything to do with our beloved hippopotamus and all of which had to do with icky subjects better left unmentioned.

Our chubby hippo paws raced over the keyboard deleting messages in bulk. But the messages didn’t stop – no, the spambots are strong and crafty and continued to slip by us—with user names like “sEJHbXsmd” and “qUwMwEdSW”—at an alarming rate of about 40 per day!!! Frantically, we consulted the help archives of our software – how could we stop these Spambots dead? A few solutions came to light and we implemented them as fast as our fat hippo bodies would move.

Unfortunately, some drastic measures had to be taken. For safety’s sake, we decided to remove ALL of our users for fear that their emails had been harvested and would be used for nefarious purposes. Innocent hippos were dropping like flies against the sinister Spambots!

Okay, so we only had 4 registered users and one of them was my mother so it wasn’t really all that bad. Our apologies, though, to those 4 loyal hippo friends – sorry we had to cut you off but it was for your own good! Please, please, please come back and sign up again. And this time, post something to a board!!! We’d really like to hear from you.

And to all those Spambots out there: we double dog dare you to try to infiltrate our forum again. If you do, we’ll whirl our little tails and spray a plume of poop at you! You have no idea how awesome is the force called Hippo Power.


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  1. Janet says:

    Boy, do I feel stupid!! At least, I didn’t open a virus. or did I? Thank you, HippoMojo, for your sharp awareness and instant correction of the SpamBot. Mom

  2. Margaret Wilde says:

    Good Work, HippoMojo! Kill the spambots!!!