Even Rockstars Love Hippos

This from ContactMusic.com:

“Rocker Tom Morello has a soft spot for hippos – he adopted one as a kid and visited the beast at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois up until its death recently. The Rage Against The Machine star cherishes a photo he has of Hansel the Hippopotamus, because it reminds him of the magical moments he shared with the animal.

He says, “I donated $5 a year to partially adopt Hansel… and 35 years later, I returned to the zoo and the same hippopotamus was there. The zookeepers happened to be fans of my band, and I regularly visited (him) during the last eight years of his life, fed him chocolate cake and hamburgers.”

I have to admit I have never listened to Tom’s music, but if he is a hippo fan, then I might need to become a Tom fan! I understand he also has paintings of hippos on his guitars that he draws himself. Cool beans, Tom! Dude, you should totally be shopping at Hippo Mojo.

Just one thought, though. Should hippos be eating chocolate cake and hamburgers???!!! Aren’t they supposed to be herbivores? Although I did hear something about a TV show where a hippo was eating the stomach from some animal. A zebra or something. Anyway, I would definitely save the chocolate cake for myself and give old Hansel the Hippo a cantaloupe or rutabaga or something. I’m not big on hamburgers so I would maybe throw that into the lion cage.

Tom, if you read this, we’d love to hear more from you about your hippo fetish. Oops, that sounds too kinky. Well, you know what I mean. Just have your people call my people.