Curiouser and Curiouser

Here’s a new one: a zoo hippo who turned pink overnight! Here’s the article from OK! Magazine:

Zoo keepers thought they were going hippo-potty when they came in one morning and found their star animal had turned pink overnight.

Four-year-old hippopotamus Svetik has stumped vets in Zoo Park in Kaliningrad, Russia, who believe he has a rare genetic condition.

Keeper Viktoria Tereshchenko said: “They haven’t been able to give us a detailed explanation but Svetik is very healthy and fit and growing well.”

Visitors have been flocking to the zoo to catch a glimpse of the bright pink hippo.

One onlooker told the Austrian Times: “He looks very pretty but that colour might not help him much when he gets around to breeding. He doesn’t look very manly.”

The youngster currently tips the scales at 600 kilograms – but could reach 3.5 tonnes by the time he gets to adulthood in six years.

Screen shot of pink hippo from OK Magazine

Screen shot of pink hippo from OK Magazine

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