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Oh, he is just too cute! A two week old baby pygmy hippo has made his public debut at a zoo in Poland on September 1st.

Imani is a female hippo born on May 11th 2007 at Antwerp Zoo (Belgium). Her Mom is Hermien and Dad is Heini. Imani means “faith” in Swahili. Check out this video of her. She has the cutest little white feet!

A stork dropped off a new baby hippo on May 18th for momma Dita at the Bali Safari & Marine Park in Bali. Father Doni was seen handing out cigars to the orangutans in the cage nearby. Twelve-year-old Dita was brought to the park from Taman Safari Indonesia in 2007 and spends her time in […]

Hippos are only supposed to live to be around 30 or so but a hippo named Deka at the Ishikawa Zoo in Japan has far surpassed that average and reached 55 years of age on March 24 of 2010. I was a little alarmed when the hippo started licking the zookeeper’s face because it seemed […]

Poor old Orion the hippo of Medellin Zoo in Colombia had to recently undergo oral surgery on a bad tooth. Now this is something I can relate to because my husband had root canal surgery last year. Apparently, the 6,000 pound hippo damaged one of his incisors while biting a metal column in his pen. […]

A September report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture finds the Topeka Zoo faulty of poor veterinary care and spotty record keeping after the death of several animals over the past two years including a hippo who suffered a fatal seizure at least partially due to overly hot (108 degrees) water in its pool. A […]

On April 24th, a male hippo named Shakti died at the Byculla Zoo. The zoo has a history of mismanagement and animal mistreatment, angering animal activists and welfare groups. The zoo is looking at a modernization plan which will provide better facilities for its animals. More reading: A plagued past; Byculla zoo now pins hopes […]

Weird. There is a cute little cat running around outside my house with the biggest set of nuggets you’ve ever seen. I’ve been trying to catch him so I can spirit him off to the vet for a much needed neutering. Then I read an article about a hippo who just had an unsuccessful castration. […]

A heavyweight couple at a Peruvian zoo unveiled their new baby on Tuesday (April 28). Carlota and Pipo are the proud parents of a new baby hippopotamus, the second born in Lima’s zoo. The healthy, 30-kilogram male was born on April 2 but spent four weeks under observation before being displayed to the public. The […]

Four zebras died in early March after cape buffalos were introduced to their enclosure at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. The spooked zebras ran themselves to death, one in hours, the remaining three a few days later. The zoo has a troubled history. In 2006, the zoo was charged for the mistreatment of a young hippo […]