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Sparky the hippo has been very sad since her mate Foggy died of advanced age last month at the Calgary Zoo in Canada. Wasting no time, zookeepers allowed her a short period of mourning and then quickly moved in a newer and younger model they nicknamed Ghost because his birthday falls on Halloween. Ghost had […]

Here’s Nikica, the only hippo living in Montenegro, having a snack of bread. Last December, Nikica went on walkabout when her enclosure flooded. She took pictures of her adventure and posted them here.

From The Times of India, an announcement of the birth of a new hippo. Indore zoo gets another member Kundan Pandey, TNN Sep 1, 2011, 08.44am IST INDORE: Indoreans will get to see more pachyderms-hippopotamus– with the birth of a calf in the Kamla Nehru Zoo in Indore on Wednesday. A 10-year-old hippopotamus, Nanda, gave […]

Adhama the baby hippo swims and performs for the crowd. Video courtesy of the San Diego Zoo.

Hippos may be endangered in the wild but the ones in zoos seem to be healthy and hale and reproducing like crazy. Like the one born yesterday at the San Diego Zoo to parents Funani and Otis in full view of 100 visitors who shouted encouragement from the sidelines. Here is the full report from […]

Eight-year-old hippo Tucker woke up last August 21st to find himself a father. Unfortunately, the arrival of the new baby meant that the small Topeka zoo where he lived could no longer accommodate him. Tucker had to go. Luckily for him, the San Francisco Zoo agreed to take him. Good news for Tucker, but how […]

The Byculla Zoo of Mumbai, India, has had its share of animal deaths over recent years and now a hippo must be added to the list. A seven-year-old female hippopotamus named Jassi died at the Byculla zoo (also known as Jijamata Udyan) on Wednesday morning. According to the post-mortem report, she died because of a […]

On November 26th, the Basel Zoo in Switzerland was happy to welcome a new baby hippo to its roster. Parents Helvetia and Wilhelm are guarding their infant closely and have refused to allow zoo staff near their precious new baby to determine its sex. So staffers are following the baby around trying to peer at […]

Zoo Miami has a newborn pygmy hippo, a girl, the size of a football and weighing about 12 pounds, and the first born in over 20 years. This baby girl is the eleventh born at the zoo. Her doting parents are 18-year-old Kelsey and 11-year-old Pogo. Mama Kelsey is relieved to have given birth after […]

Rudolph the French hippo has been kicked out of his own country and deported to the Ben Aknoun Zoo in Algiers where he will be joined by a hot mama from Madrid who will play Spanish guitar for him and dance around with maracas after which they will mate and start a new Algerian dynasty. […]