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So imagine you live in a nondescript housing development where every dwelling is just like the others, with no distinguishing features. What’s a town to do? Add hippos, of course! At least that’s what Scottish artist Stan Bonnar thought 40 years ago when he sculpted these plump concrete figures in a courtyard at the Garth […]

My new favorite site: Go there now and type in any word you want. I typed in hippo (of course!) and didn’t really find any synonyms for it (duh!) but then I scrolled down and found the translations for the word hippo in other languages which was lots of fun. Check it out!

Just in case you have room in your home for a stuffed hippopotamus, read this story. This Friday, April 17 & Saturday April 18, 2009, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Ft. Worth, Texas, you can buy your very own stuffed hippo. I’m not talking some cute little stuffed animal that you can prop […]

The all new Fat Hippo restaurant opened up at 71 Clinton in New York City. It has a cool, clean vibe and a reasonably priced menu, but no liquor license yet. You can find out more at, at Who Ate the Big Apple? or by calling the restaurant at 212-228-0994. If you are a […]

The Happy Hippo Sandwich Shop at 5776 Broadway in Sacramento, California, is for sale! No, they don’t serve hippopotamus sandwiches, just the regular cow, turkey, and chicken varieties. Hmm, why is it okay to eat cute little lambs and sheep but not hippos? Not that I want to eat a hippo, mind you, but it’s […]

Little Hutto, Texas, population 17,000, is a town replete with hippos. Not real ones, mind you, but every variety of inanimate hippo possible. That’s right, the hippo is Hutto’s official town mascot. Why would a town that has no real hippos take on a hippo as their mascot? Well, apparently, some years back, a hippo […]

In my web browsings, I discovered this website: Here’s a screen shot: I love the website design and it looks like a great place to stop by for sandwiches and drinks. I just wish they had put their city on the website so we know where to find them! Well, if any of you […]