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Recently a hippo bolted from Nairobi National Park in Kenya and took off for city life. But the citizens called Kenya Wildlife Services sent him packing back to his watery home. Drugging a hippo can be difficult as they are sensitive to the drug used to knock them out, sometimes resulting in death. In this […]

Okay, now I’m upset. I thought hippos were herbivores!!! The hippo in this video really seems to be eating some of that buffalo – yikes! I guess if you’re hungry enough, you’ll try anything.

I found this video fascinating, except for the part about the tail being bitten off – that was just icky.

It turns out that Colombians didn’t like my idea to turn their country into a hippo reserve (see this blog post). Instead, they’ve decided to kill all the hippos that are currently on the loose there. Well, there are only three, but Colombia’s environmental agency ordered them killed anyway. Last Friday, Colombian citizens were shocked […]

Farmers in Gambia probably would not appreciate our Hippo Mojo website and business. They are too busy fending off real live hippos from their rice fields. But it’s not just hippos: bush pigs have also invaded and destroyed crops in at least 26 Gambian villages. This is devastating news for rice farmers, as most depend […]

As water levels in Lake Naivasha are dropping to alarming levels, resident hippos are facing death as they have been marooned from the main lake. Hippos depend on water to hydrate their bodies; without an adequate supply, they die. Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake north west of Nairobi, in Kenya. Read more: Mysterious disease […]

I found this story recently on BBC news: “Two rare bronze statues of hippos, commissioned by the late animal park owner John Aspinall, have been stolen from the grounds of a house in Kent. The statues, one of a full hippo and the other of the head of a hippo, are worth £15,000 and were […]

Hippo sweat sounds really kind of gross. I’ve never seen any close-up and in person (unlike Brady Barr), but I understand that it is reddish-orange in color and resembles blood. It’s not even really sweat, but a liquid that exudes from large and deep pores in the hippo’s skin that blocks ultraviolet light and microbial […]

What would compel a young hippo to leave his family and the pure, clean water of his birthland to travel to a stinky and bacteria-laden sewage plant and set up camp? A bout of father-son conflict and teenage angst – what else! That’s right, a young male hippo has claimed the swamps of the Cape […]

You’ve probably never heard the name Greg Carr, unless you happened to tune in to the 60 Minutes episode that aired on October 27, 2008. Carr, the multi-millionaire entrepreneur who invented Voicemail, is on a quest to save hippos (and other animals) at Gorongosa National Park. His non-profit organization, the Gregory C. Carr Foundation, is […]