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WINE. We are talking about WINE. You know, the wine with the cute little hippo on the front? What! You don’t know about this wine? Get yourself to a liquor store asap and buy some! It’s the official wine here at Hippo Mojo. Ever wonder why your purchases from our store come packed with corks […]

Some of the most amazing hippo pottery that I have ever seen is created by British expatriate Jennifer Robinson. Jen “The Hippopottermiss”, who lives in the Brittany region of northwestern France, spends her days creating whimsical animal figurines and has a special fondness for hippos. Jen started potting in 1979 after spending her childhood making […]

Speaking of hippos as mascots, it turns out that George Washington University also claims the hippo as its mascot. Well, unofficial mascot, to be precise. Apparently the university hasn’t declared our tubby friend officially. It seems that something is going on behind the scenes – school administrators are a bit lukewarm toward the hippo and […]

Does anyone play the game at I’ve heard of this game several times over the past year, but it wasn’t until I found out that they are hippo-friendly that I decided to check it out. Here’s how they describe themselves: “Second Life is a free online virtual world imagined and created by its Residents. […]

Here’s a delightful blog post about a woman who dreams in hippos: She also has some interesting information on an Egyptian hippo goddess named Taweret, protector of woman and children. And here’s more about Taweret from Wikipedia: