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Yippee, another hippo treasury on Etsy! I love these things, especially when my hippos are chosen! I hope you enjoy these hippos as much as I do! Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite.

One of our hippo tins was featured in an Etsy treasury last week – yay!

I just wanna know one thing: where do you go to ride a hippo? Kinds of hippos I have never ridden: Real Ones Toy Ones Statues Motorized Ones like these:

Hippo snacks, that is. Check out this video to learn more. See the snack website at and an article about it here.

If you ever wanted to see an artist at work, check out this video by illustrator Sean Ashby. He takes one of his hippo creations and colorizes it in Photoshop. And, yes, he really is that fast! Go to Sean’s blog or his portfolio to learn more about him and his work. Keep on making […]

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for is here: a laughing hippo ringtone for your cell phone! I didn’t even know I was missing this until I found this link today. Laughing Hippo Ringtone Right click on the link above to save the file to your desktop. From there you are on your own – […]

If you loved the 1980’s game called Hungry Hungry Hippos, where your hippo tries to gobble up as many marbles as possible, you will love this new iPhone app. If you have an iPhone, that is. If not, I guess you should just stop reading this right now and rush over to the nearest Apple […]

I’m not really into tattoos. I don’t have one and I don’t plan on getting one. Why, I don’t know. Probably fear of pain. Also, I have lots of freckles and I feel like I don’t need any more body decor. My skin is already busy enough. But I am fascinated with people who get […]

I don’t know quite what to make of this. The only thing I can say for certain is that I really want that hippo. I can totally see myself driving that thing around my neighborhood.

Here is a nice little video of pygmy hippos: These little fellas just tickle me. They are really cute, especially their funny little feet.