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Hippo Goes Shopping from Brandon Chau on Vimeo.

I’m not quite sure what Esso is–maybe a gas station?–but it doesn’t lessen my enjoyment of this commercial.

I was so inspired by yesterday’s post about Orion, the poor hippo with a toothache, that I decided to make a little cartoon about the subject. Hope you like it! Finally, my Art History degree is coming in handy for something. I know my Dad will be proud.

You know the expression, “when pigs fly”??? As in, “Yeah, my dad will clean out his garage when pigs fly.” Well, now we can change it up to “when hippos fly.” You will not believe how silly this video is. It takes place in France – those kooky French! Do they even have hippos in […]

Oh, this just tickles me. How I wish for my very own North American House Hippo!

The funniest thing about this video is the screeching children!

You know, I just don’t think we’ve explored this hippo pooping thing enough. Here’s a cute Flash movie on this very subject!!!

Zoo doo. Not the most pleasant aspect of visiting your local zoo. But could our future depend on unlocking its secrets? Researchers at Tulane University say yes. The feces of plant-eating hippos and other herbivores may just hold the secret to a renewable fuel source. Inside that heaping, stinking, pile of dung live more than […]

My son finds this falling-down hysterical. What can I say, he’s 5.