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I’ve posted this song before, but this video has a very cute animation done by a 13-year-old named Chad Hylton. If you like Chad’s work, check out his YouTube channel at Good work, Chad! Let’s see some more hippo stuff!

I have a special place in my heart for pygmy hippos. They are just so cute and sweet! Here’s a video of an artist working on a sketch of one.

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw hippos like this. This artist makes it look easy!

I don’t live in Canada, but if I did and I saw this commercial, I would so go out and buy this phone, just for the cute hippos they feature! This first one is a new take on the Tortoise and the Hare: This second one shows hippos splashing in water which is contained in […]

Hippos and crocodiles are death walking to humans (or should I say death stomping and slithering?), but neither of these ferocious creatures seems to mind the other, at least in this video: Here the crocodiles carry on with whatever crocs do in their little croc world, completely ignoring the nosy, licking, salivating hippos. How ’bout […]

YouTube is a continual source of wonder and amusement for me. How do people come up with these things???!!! This video features an animated hippo and Manfred Mann’s song, “Pretty Flamingo.” Who knew the flamingo was actually a hippo? Enjoy!

They’re back! Everyone’s favorite castaways are off on another adventure, this time to Africa. Gloria the hippo, Melman the giraffe, Alex the lion, and Marty the zebra, accompanied by various and sundry creatures, crash land their plane on the vast plains of Africa where they meet wild versions of themselves.