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One of my favorite hippo blogs is Hippograms. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the life of Hippo A. Potamus who seems to be a well-traveled little guy. Here’s a screen shot of the site. Visit it by clicking on the link above.

One thing we don’t sell here at Hippo Mojo is any item made of hippopotamus ivory. Hippopotamus ivory may sound intriguing, but once you understand that ivory is really just hippo teeth, it doesn’t sound so pleasing. What is the problem with using hippo teeth to make cool stuff? Well, the problem is that it […]

We are delighted to report that Hippo Mojo went live a few days ago. We are now working to add items to the site. We found some wonderful gift items for babies, including baby slip on shoes, bibs, and burp cloths in a cute pattern of blue hippos on green. We hope to combine baby […]

We are busily working on the Hippo Mojo website, your source for fun and funky hippo-related items. It’s quite an undertaking, with an e-commerce section, blog, gallery, and forum, so there is a lot of customizing to be done! We are also busy searching for great hippo products to offer to our customers. So far, […]