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Last week Lu the hippo of Homosassa Springs of Allahassee, Florida, turned 50 with park staff and visitors on hand to help him celebrate. Lu was born at the San Diego Zoo on January 26, 1960, and today weighs more than 6,000 pounds, consuming 15 pounds of alfalfa hay, four scoops of herbivore diet and […]

Hippo Mojo recently learned of a fabulous trip taken by Margaret Martin, self-styled godmother to famous and tame hippo Jessica of South Africa. Margaret was kind enough to share an account of her adventure with us. I am the Godmother of a hippopotamus! You did hear me correctly. My Godchild is Jessica The Hippo you […]

This is a nice little movie about Jessica the hippo:

If you pay attention at all to news of the hippo world, you have certainly heard of Jessica the pet hippo. Found washed up as a baby by a South African family over 7 years ago, Jessica has been fed and pampered ever since. She is even allowed into the house and can open the […]

This from “Rocker Tom Morello has a soft spot for hippos – he adopted one as a kid and visited the beast at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois up until its death recently. The Rage Against The Machine star cherishes a photo he has of Hansel the Hippopotamus, because it reminds him of the […]

Much is being made lately of President Obama’s choice of a new pet for the White House. It’s definitely going to be a dog, but what breed? Thirtieth president Calvin Coolidge had no such decisions. He simply collected all sorts of animals, assembling a menagerie of two lion cubs, a bobcat, a goose, a donkey, […]