Buy the Happy Hippo Sandwich Shop

The Happy Hippo Sandwich Shop at 5776 Broadway in Sacramento, California, is for sale! No, they don’t serve hippopotamus sandwiches, just the regular cow, turkey, and chicken varieties. Hmm, why is it okay to eat cute little lambs and sheep but not hippos? Not that I want to eat a hippo, mind you, but it’s a question that is just eating away at me, so to speak. This also puts me in mind of the Shel Silverstein poem, Recipe for a Hippopotamus Sandwich, which goes like this:

A hippo sandwich is easy to make.
All you do is simply take
One slice of bread,
One slice of cake,
Some mayonnaise,
One onion ring,
One hippopotamus,
One piece of string,
A dash of pepper–
That ought to do it, And now comes the problem… Biting into it!

Well, duh!!!! Cut up the hippo into steaks, silly! Okay, please don’t email me about how it’s really mean to eat hippos – I’m just kidding here, folks! 🙂

Anyway, if you’ve always secretly wanted to own a sandwich shop and are ready to let your inner entrepreneur free, and don’t mind living in Sacramento, why not check out the Happy Hippo? The shop is approximately 866 square feet in a space that rents for $1,948.50 per month with a 3% annual increase (that seems a little steep to me, but what do I know!) The lease expires October 31, 2016. The shop is located near a bunch of medical offices – hey, doctors need to eat, too! The current owners will provide 7 days of free training. Although one would think you’d already know how to make sandwiches if you are buying a sandwich shop. Anyway, how hard is it to make a sandwich? Even I can do it! Included in the $79,000 sale price is all the decor, inventory, and equipment. If this is the business for you, please call Frank at 916-770-0409.

Now, I’m off to make some sandwiches – river horse cold cuts, anyone?


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  1. matt beaudreau says:

    Interested in purchase. Could you email me with more info- net cash flow, etc.?


  2. Hippo Honcho says:

    Sorry, we just report the hippos news, we don’t have anything to do with the sale of this shop. To find out more, please call the current owner, Frank, at 916-770-0409.