Birdie and Hippo Wood Brooch

What’s a brooch? I’ve always thought it was something that grandmothers wear. Some kind of big, ugly pin with lots of fake jewels on it that they use to hold together the ends of a flowery silk scarf. But I could be wrong. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

A brooch, also known in ancient times as a fibula, is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments, often to hold them closed. It is usually made of metal, often silver or gold but sometimes bronze or some other material. Brooches are frequently decorated with enamel or with gemstones and may be solely for ornament (as in the stomacher) or sometimes serve a practical function as a fastening, perhaps for a cloak.

Wow, today we use Velcro to hold our clothing shut, or maybe an old-fashioned thing called a button. And isn’t a fibula a bone in your leg? Or is that a tibula? And there’s no mention of wood brooches anywhere in that definition. Surely, wood was the very first material used to make pins (I mean, brooches). And there’s no mention whatsoever of everyone’s preferred design: a hippo! So I conclude that Wikipedia is lacking some pertinent information about the word brooch. Perhaps I’ll send them a picture of our new brooch, this cute hippo and bird wooden pin. Here it is:

Hippo & Bird Wooden Brooch

Hippo & Bird Wooden Brooch

Now don’t think that you need to wear a scarf or fasten a cloak in order to purchase this brooch. Just go ahead and buy it and then stick it anywhere on your clothing you like. Send me a pic of your funniest place!