Bert Anderson Hippo Ornament

Bert Anderson Hippo Ornament

Bert Anderson Hippo Ornament

We are so pleased to announce that we will now be carrying the hippo ornament from Bert Anderson’s collection of amazing sculptures. This cute hippo friend has dangly legs and a sweet, happy face and is a must have for any tree. Buy yours here.

While we will only be carrying the hippo ornaments (duh! this IS a hippo store!), Bert has a complete line of wonderful creations that you can see here.

And here’s some info on Bert from his website:

Bert Anderson has been sculpting ideas in clay since his school days. He’s worked with a variety of subject matter from old west figurines to whimsical gnomes. Although the overall look has been different with each project, the one thing that always seemed to show up in his work is humor. There have been obvious puns and gags as well as something simple like a subtle look that makes you smile – or laugh. Bert graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, not really knowing what he wanted to do. He had been sculpting pieces all this time for family and friends, but never considered that making figurines was a possible career move. After he had created a line of Christmas items, he heard about the process of resin casting. Once he found a method to reproduce his work, everything changed. He was able to produce a line of items of exceptional quality that could be enjoyed by everyone.

Before there can be a figurine or ornament, there must first be an idea. Bert gets his ideas from ‘all over’. Memories from childhood or a face in the crowd can spark an idea. “I never start with a finished image in mind,” Bert explains. “I like to let the clay have a say in what the final piece will look like. Sometimes the best ideas seem to jump out of the clay as I’m working. I’m always adding things and taking them away, trying different looks until I’m satisfied with the results. It’s my hope that this method of sculpting gives a feeling of spontaneity to the piece.”

Bert makes his original piece out of a polymer clay. When it is finished and fired, skilled artisans prepare a latex mold of the original that exacts every detail. Into this mold is poured a special resin mixture. After a curing period, the casting is removed from the mold. After all the seam lines have been cleaned, the piece is hand painted and antiqued. This antiquing brings out all of the detail while giving the piece an old-world look. Careful attention is paid during all phases of the production process so that each piece is true to the original. The final result is an exact copy of the original work that is ready for someone to enjoy.

“There are two aspects of this venture that make all the work worthwhile,” explains Bert. “The first is the thrill of seeing a personality emerge from a lump of clay. The second is that people enjoy my work enough that they take one of my pieces into their homes and make it a part of their lives. As an artist, that is the greatest compliment any could give me.”


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  1. Janet says:

    Adorable! Does it make nice clinking noises in the wind?