Beaded Hippopotamus Ornament

Hang our quizzical beaded hippo ornament from your holiday tree this year! Made from sequins and glass beads on satin, this sweet hippo is finished with silver cording and measures approximately 3” wide. Each is handmade by a talented self-help group of low-income, fair trade artisans in Agra, India, using traditional Zardozi embroidery techniques.

Beaded Hippopotamus Ornament

Beaded Hippopotamus Ornament

This special ornament is imported by WorldFinds, a fair trade company founded in 2000. Fair trade is an equitable, long-term relationship between trading partners, and a way to ensure low-income artisans are truly being helped out of poverty.

From the WorldFinds website:

Fair trade is a growing movement to help low-income artisans in developing countries move towards economic self-sufficiency. It promotes sustainability on all levels and creates opportunities to alleviate poverty. Artisans receive fair wages, education, financial and technical assistance, and have safe working conditions. Fair trade organizations like WorldFinds pre-pay 50% for their products upfront, and work closely with the artisans on design and quality. Fair trade is about respectful relationships and is having a positive impact on the lives of thousands of artisans. It is starting to make the world a better place. It is also a long-awaited alternative to traditional trade and a way to effect real social change!

WorldFinds ensures that we:

– pay a fair wage in the local context
– support safe, healthy & participatory workplaces
– provide 50% pre-payment for orders placed
– build long-term relationships
– provide ongoing education and training
– ensure environmental sustainability
– provide equal opportunities for all people, particularly the most disadvantaged
– respect cultural identity
– build long-term, direct relationships

There are 9 Principles of Fair Trade recently adopted by the Fair Trade Federation,
and soon there will be explicit practices on how those principles can be achieved.
All of this and a wealth of great information about fair trade can be found

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