Baby Pygmy Hippo Born in Australia Zoo

Okay, put this baby pygmy hippo on my Christmas list. Her name is Monifa (meaning ‘I am lucky’ in Nigerian) and she is a cute little bundle of joy. She had a difficult birth and her weak state and subsequent rejection by her mother prompted zoo caretakers to hand raise her.

Here is her debut video at three weeks:

Zoo officials at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo have waited 23 years for this pygmy hippo birth. Pygmy hippos are on the endangered list, with only about 3,000 in the wild. At her birth, Monifa weighed less than 4kg and measures 50cm. In a few years she’ll grow to 300kg.

Pygmy hippopotamus are nocturnal, secretive, forest-dwelling animals and are rarely ever seen, being one-fifth the size of their larger cousins. They are solitary creatures who live in the swamps and forests of western Africa. Because they are so reclusive, most of the research recorded about the species has been learned from those cared for in zoos.

And here is an article about Monifa with some great pictures:

And a press release from her home zoo: