Wooden Hippo Anamalz Toys Are Here!!!

The wooden hippo Anamalz toys are here!!! We’ve waited a long time to get them but they are finally here! What’s an Anamalz, you say? See below, my hip hippo friend. See below.

Wooden Hippo Toy by Anamalz

Wooden Hippo Toy by Anamalz

Aren’t they just the cutest? And they move their little legs so you can pose them different ways. They are environmentally friendly, made of sustainable maple, and hand made and hand painted with natural water based paint. They’re awesome!

I even love the Anamalz website. It’s done in Flash so you’ll need a Flash player to see it but you probably have that installed already, don’t you? To see the hippo animation, go to the “anamalz saving animals” tab at the top and you’ll see a happy hippo surfing down a river. Absolutely super cute. And I really dig the music.

And here’s the link to buy one of your own.